Which one(s) do you inhabit? Are you fulfilled in this “reality?”

What do you see, feel about this scene?

Reviewing an entry from my journaling, Dec 9, 2017 .

I’ve been reflecting at length about my most basic belief system, uncovering for the umpteenth time, conflicts there –or at least, conflicts in the path to arriving ‘there.’ (Including the question, “Is there a ‘there’ there?!”) Perhaps the process of inquiry about what kind of world, fundamentally, I believe I live in –is at least as important as any final answer I arrive at.

I find that there are three kinds of universes to conceive of, and perhaps to adopt as real. The first is a beneficial, beneficent, loving and intelligent one, one in which us pronoids agree, is constantly conspiring to bless us, even through trickery where necessary. [That would be the realm of the Blessed Trickster.] In this view of the world, and of my life, fears can be dissolved and suffering ended merely by recalling that this is possible –and true. The world is my Oyster. This world view, this belief system is my favorite one; it bestows the most moments of happy freedom to just be me, and live each day –how ever I do. All is well, or well enough, in this Loving cosmos. And, you may find many pollyannas hiding out here as well, those optimists who haven’t really looked within, or deeply examined their world view.

You do however, also find many of the world’s spiritual leaders, which I find comforting, those who perceive that all things lead us, eventually Home, to Love.

This brings me to the second belief system that I understand to be operating within me, often, exacerbated through the emergence of Donald Trump and his Turmpist, MAGA-file coterie onto the national and world scene. This is the belief system that all is not well, or may not turn out to be well, and a universe that I have negligible control over, or ability to influence towards the creation of that beautiful, kind, peaceful and playful world I profess to really want. This is a precarious world to wake up in each day because of all those terrible people out there, who see things very differently, who want for themselves all the goodies and leave me –and most of us –out of the equation. And because ‘those people’ have great power to do irreversible harm to me, and to what I love, including the so-called Natural World. In this universe, I not only am prone to anxious worry, but fretting over my seeming lack of power to do anything to ‘fix’ things. I spend a lot of time trying to keep up with news, and with opinions about what is taking place or what could go very wrong. I sign a lot of petitions, as a small act of ‘doing something positive.’ I read and listen to a variety of ideas, mostly from others with a similar passion to live in a peaceful, joyful, healthful, equitable world. Hey are also very concerned about what is –or may be — happening to our country, to our world, our planet via these seeming imbeciles, or greed-mongers, or ignoramuses who will screw things up for us all, just you wait and see.

In this universe, there’s a lot of addiction to ‘doing,’ to action (including related activism)to try to ward off worse case scenarios. There’s a lot of drama, worrying, hand-wringing. Peace of mind is fleeting. You may get a cold or the flu or much worse if the pattern is continual. And you definitely will have battles and wars to wage, allies and foes. This world view is probably the dominant one among humans. P.S. It’s very hard to find a trustworthy Deity in here, one that is equitable and constant. Or likeable..

In the third kind of universe, your belief is that Life Itself is neutral, benign perhaps. You may be an agnostic, figuring it’s not possible to know for sure whether Things are working out for the best, or the worst (so good idea to keep a hawkish eye on it), or that life just is what it is, que sera, sera–things just are as they are–so just accept that and move along. Hope may or may not be a big thing in this world view; it does seem that there’s nothing much to act on, pro or con. You may arrive at a radical acceptance of whatever it is you perceive to be true, and be deeply peaceful. Or not! You may have a belief in a Higher Power, but one that doesn’t interfere in earth life, or if it does, it isn’t knowable to us. In either case, the world is neutral –even neutered. I suspect in this universe, we find Aware Ones, sans judgments, living the “isness and suchness of Things,” as well as a few humanists and atheists who choose to live kindly towards others, and who believe that is the most and best we can be and do. And a few who’ve decided, ‘Why bother?’ nothing I am or do really matters, in the long run.

Surprise? I have all three of these operating systems alive within me. And today, I am going to be mindful of each, notice where I lead with one as opposed to another. And note where I’m triggered by an internal or external stimulus/event into following the dictates of a particular belief system.

And in this practice, I may learn the way to be of truest service to myself and my life–where my actions are the most beneficial and least harming–with the least amount of effort, strife, conflict, disempowerment. This may be my best ‘job’ at the moment, performed in the midst of all that’s ‘happening’ in our world… Giving me the most vital energy, resourcefulness, peace of mind –and joyful play.

Three levels Of Story”

1. Soap opera — -things just happen to you — — pleasing or not. Good luck, bad luck

2. Hero/ine’s Journey: things happen that shake up your world, and that of others, crisis, cast from the garden (if there even was one), or from security (if there was any), or predictability (if there really was any). You dig into your courage, to face whatever must be faced, to save the day. Honor, valor, courage arise –and vision for something greater than the small self /fear.

3, Soul’s evolution –Story that teaches, culls wisdom, borne of the Stillness, into Play

Shining deLight, Marcia



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator