Male Fetility Gourd/Fetish, “H’Artworkx” by M SInger

The HORNED GOD: A Sexual Shamanism Tale


I’m standing at the top of a hill nestled sweetly in the local Santa Monica Mountains. It’s May 1st and “Beltaine” in the Celtic traditions that run in my goddess blood. I’ve come to pray, to relieve ongoing emotional pressures, to receive healing.

I fashion a crude medicine wheel from small rocks to help me focus my intention. A favorite practice, I begin to step along the periphery of the circle. Following directions organically from within, I trace invisible guidelines as I move from one position on the wheel to another.

An hour passes. Questions, pleas, pained confessions and angry, frustrated tears have sent me stepping from one direction to another, without much relief. Tiring, I pause at the center of my circle. Still listening, I take a short rest in the hot spring sun.

A gusty breeze ruffles my hair, cooling my sweaty body. I acknowledged this welcome helper. My eyes closing, I move instinctively into a deep, pranic breathing pattern in order to hear better. To manage my emotions more readily. To generate focus.

I am completely unprepared for what happens next. As if emerging from the ground, with no warning, a shaft of slippery, hot light pierces my vagina, entering me. I cry out in alarm, “Aaaah!” -only to be startled again as a booming, rich male Voice says, “I am The Horned God, whom you have desired to know: feel me! I am the Male Creative Force of Earth — NOT of the Sky, and there IS a difference!” His booming laughter shook the hillside. “I have come to open you up, and bring you back to Life — now!”

Instinctively, obediently, I spread my legs into a wider stance and find myself immediately impaled upon a massive, invisible Cock. Molten electricity pours through every cell of my body as I gasp for breath, surrendering to the power of the encounter, to the Union of creative energies, male and female, hungry to join again within me.

As mysteriously as he appeared, the Horned One now moves on, leaving me quietly filled with wonder and humility, recovering the memory of my wholeness. Body, mind, heart feel united again. I thank Earth, both Feminine and Masculine Teachers, for all my gifts, and head back home.

[This story is featured in my memoir, LOVE, THY WILL BE DONE: Tales of Awakening A Wild Heart, Vol. 2 (2020)



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator