The Art of Soul


Created impromptu, allowing myself to receive an idea, and render it — a form of meditation

Art as life-savor, and life-saver

by Marcia Singer, MSW

Art is a universal language of the soul. Life without art is unimaginable. Indulging the arts is my play way, and a key to self-soothe, meditate, and receive reliable guidance. I prefer spontaneity, improvising, engaging in an art of the moment. I choose a medium that suits my mood and needs, and dive in. Maybe it’s writing a story, or singing. Fashioning a ceremonial talisman from found turkey feathers. Or dancing body prayers, entering altared states to explore a holy Q&A. Art is my life-savor, and my life-saver, on display throughout my home and healing spaces: furnishings, paintings, clothing and jewelry, aromatic oils, pottery, film collection. The art of imagination is at play everywhere I look. It’s soul in motion, creations taking on endless forms.

This healing artist loves to invite seekers to guided journeys at my place. Bring your inner artiste and kid selves, and have a sit on a recliner or rocker in a space adorned with treasured artworks. We’ll talk a while about your life, dreams, and if you like, sip an elixir tea made of fresh herbs from my garden. We’ll pamper your desires for an enhancing artistic experience. Relaxing, gently, we center on the breath, drifting into the land of sweet possibilities for dreams to be fulfilled. Your heart is opening, trusting whatever shows itself to you. Your mind is curious, receptive to intuitive flashes, welcoming hunches, insights and next steps. Now we’ll conjure your magical inner Artist, and try on my Sacred Artist’s Way process for clear direction: Meditate on your question or subject of interest. Choose your art Medium. Begin some Movement, let something flow from within, and take shape. Keep flowing, going. Meditate again, as prompted, receiving Messages. (Even just imagining is empowering.)

Artistry is our unique birthright. But all too often, no one shows us how to freely engage our native, creative abilities. To give fuller expression to what’s alive in us− to what’s true, meaningful, wild. Whether you’re making a meal from scratch, directing a community play, or dressing up for a date, your archetypal expressive artist within awaits your bidding. Sometimes we need help getting started. Or reaching the result we want, especially if our wings were clipped somewhere along the way. But self-hypnosis, affirmations, mindful focus and emotional freedom techniques abound. They help us reimagine ourselves now, as natural creatives. As a kid, did you finger paint or sculpt play dough animals? Did you like to perform or make mud pies? What appeals now? Songwriting? Knitting? Doing toning meditations or sound baths for healing? Inventing a ceremony for Earth Day? Tip: Discover which senses are calling for expressive, artistic indulgences: smell, touch, taste, sight or hearing?

Art is a best friend, there when you are happy and carefree, and there when you’re decidedly not. I stumbled onto the power of the arts for healing, through personal trauma/PTSD. Engaging with art provided me understanding, forgiveness, deep transformation. Utilizing a variety of artforms, I worked through the scars of sexual predation, an eating disorder, broken intimacies and suicidal depressions. Art remains my personal and professional companion. My motto? Express the hell outta yourself, make room for heaven!

Soul art is an empowering vehicle for expressing happiness, love, to help us grieve, heal or evolve. The art of well-being is instinctual, intuitive and wants expression. As for artistic excellence? That may reflect years of dedication, and refined technique. But it’s just as true for a work that’s just perfect cuz you love it. When employed as therapy however, the art process benefits from outside support, and from sufficient time and patience, especially through emotional, mental, physical or spiritual uprisings.

May our lives, yours, mine, be filled with soul-satisfying art. Shining deLight, Marcia



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator