I AM a rainbow bridge …staying connected with a canine loved one, beyond death


Kristol, my soul companion, in Glorietta Canyon, Anza Borega desert, CA

One of the most beautiful, mystical concepts I’ve been touched by is that of The Rainbow Bridge. Whether you claim it as a metaphor to help you cope with death of a beloved, or as a ‘real’ connecting ‘bridge’ it may be a bridge to peace for you, as it was for me.

The notion of a spectrum of light that could connect us here on earth with those who have passed away, dropped their physical robes –died and left us behind–was both reassuring and empowering: an etheric bridge, composed of all the colors of the rainbow’s spectrum, to climb onto and commune with a dearly departed.

My first rainbow bridge experience was around 2001, and premonition-al. My beloved collie-mix companion (border collie, husky, Mexican wolf –coyote?) Kristol had survived a mild stroke, but was clearly left more frail. In spite of my attention to special meals, doggy chiro and acu, heaps of hugs, kisses and very slow daily walkabouts, mortality was in the air. During this time, I heard a story about a “rainbow bridge,” about someone and their newly deceased doggy, waiting to be reunited at a place called Rainbow Bridge, before going on to Heaven together. At this place of Light, you were made new.

Not long after, I was lying on the floor nestling my furry friend when a vision came upon me. I was in a meadow, filled with wildflowers, running and romping with Kris, like we love to do, with youthful zest. The scene was in sunny, Scottish moors; we were living our soul connection in timeless play, in an unbounded joy of the wild outdoors, together.

When the scene dissolved, I lay still, deeply moved, my beastie pal and I completely at peace, at home in each other. Love revealed a bridge to The Other Side; and I understand that this experience, this Place, has always been available. Kristol was communicating telepathically as well: Grieving could produce an experience of our separation, but after her death, she and I could romp together again, in wild beauty, anytime. I could cross the rainbow bridge to be with her. I need only surrender, allowing myself to be transported into soulful connecting, again…

When I think of all the human beings experiencing loss of loved ones, it’s staggering. When I think back to trying to console, comfort or reassure others, or when I needed support after somebody I cared about, passed on… How few friends or relatives believed in an eternal connection between themselves and the ones no longer physically near. Or even if they believed in the concept, could get past the pain and heartbreak to FEEL the loving connection –one that I came to fervently believe is eternally available.

Back in L.A., still 2001ish, at my favorite senior living community gig, Gilda, aged eighty-five, told me a secret. Her husband had died years before, but had come to her the night before, touched her on the shoulder, to let her know he was waiting for her, close by. She felt so peaceful.

So did I.

Kristol Girl died on a full moon night, nearly age 16, from a sixth instance of “bloat” –common to large breeds. I struggled to calm my mind and my heart, so that I could contact her. Over coming weeks, I found that I could ask her questions and get answers about my spiritual path, and my healing. Kristol, who had always been a kind of Teacher for me, now was guiding me from the Spirit side of Things. Omg, I was now channeling my dog! Furthermore, when friends of mine, with pets at the threshold between this world and the next, contacted me for sympathy or support? I could now ‘see’ their darling furry companions as the Light of Soul that really is all there really is… And offer messages to their frightened and sad human companions.

Blessed Be. Whomever we may be missing, some comfort surely awaits, each time we cross the bridge of Light, with the power of Love: to find that the connection was never truly broken.



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator