BODY TALK: Listen closer , there’s so much to hear …24/7…

BODY TALK. My body is always talking, 24/7. Am I listening?! Tending the body-mind connection supports being well and making healthful choices each day. The benefits of any particular choice for a health or healing regimen, are enhanced by attuning to inner guidance. Whether that focus results in reaching for pain pills or a massage, in dietary changes or a cleansing detox or even surgery, a regular practice of meditation and deep-surrendered trust can bring a Knowingness about the heart of any condition we wish to improve, whether symptoms are mild or severe. Guided information, helping shape the healing shifts we need, may present itself in metaphors. For example, a client “Casey” was trying hypnotherapy to relieve chronic low back pain associated with his stressful traveling sales job, and a boss that was “on his back.” He spoke fearfully about being put “out of commission” with nothing to “fall back on.” Bracing physically, and “holding back” emotionally, Casey worried that asking for changes might cost him his job. Dialoguing with his inner kid, we heard cries for attention through a language of pain. Casey chose to take steps towards effective self-care.

Fluency in “body talk” evolves as we listen for storied messages within discomfort and dis-ease. Hypnotherapy, past life regressions, emotional release bodywork and Voice Dialoguing have helped me with both diagnoses and remedies. For instance, a flare-up in bursitis — the presenting problem — told of giving a “cold shoulder” to a lover, rather than trying compassionate communication. A friend’s medical diagnosis of throat cancer, revealed his angry, stifled creative voice (5th chakra matters). When I badly twisted my ankle, Trickster’s medicine was to counsel, “Watch your step! Be mindful when changing course.” On a comedic note, when I doodled a student’s flatulence, he chose the caption, “raising a stink” –a passive-aggressive complaint about his wife’s greasy, fried cooking. Whether light-hearted or sobering, “aha!”s may come instantly, or over time. Attitudes of lovingkindness and curiosity give our inner journeys more clarity, and give access to altar-ed states, to the clair (clear) sensing of our intuitive mind and instinctual body. Setting an intention to know and heal brings subconscious information to light, to further restore well-being.

The correlations between our physical instruments and psyche/soul are extraordinary. Decades ago, while massaging a client’s sore left thigh, I saw in my mind’s eye, an arrow lodged there, shot by an Indian during an uprising –in a Wild West past life! It took time for me to muster courage to share such unbidden visions, and explore the wisdom teachings this “somatic psychometry” offers. Deciphering karma/dharma, akashic soul records or DNA blueprints, the body maps the soul, mirrors the psyche. Physical conditions appear to correlate with all our ‘bodies’: mental, emotional, subtle/light/chakras, sexual-creative and spiritual. Many medical practitioners today acknowledge some inter-connectivity. But a common bias is that either mind or body or emotions are the causal culprit. I prefer a holistic view, that all facets of the health diamond are simultaneous, interdependent, equally important to the integrity of the whole person –you, me.

Any distress signal or healing crisis is an opportunity to rediscover what’s most meaningful to us, to breathe easier, choose what makes our hearts sing. Let’s play the sacred music of our very own, divine body-mind instruments. Our bodies are always talking. May we be listening with great heart to both shouts and whispers, learning to cherish our unique physiques and their mysterious ways. Poor health conditions (“oys”) are precursors to deepening love, wisdom, grace and affirming Connection (“joys.”) Gazunt heit, here’s to your health and well-being , dear Reader. Shining deLight. Marcia



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator