A CHANNELED MEDITATION…to be shared with you, right now: you ‘called’ it to you (did you realize?!)

Channel Marcia Singer’s brought forth “Crystal Kids” in 1989. SHe began Receiving Messages arond 1987, with the Harmonic Convergence event.

Dear Reader: This meditation was channeled a long time ago, but remains astonishingly relevant to me, whenever it pops up into my field of awareness. Which it did this morning. It remains among my recorded writings, one of the best examples of how ‘Spirit’ Speaks to and through me, when I Open to be Whispered to.

“I open myself this morning to allow the Voice of my Guidance in, past the disturbances in my field….

“To encounter the Eye Am, so to Speak…little one, you are the stormy disturbance, and you are the point of watching at the center of the storm, and you are also the Being who encompasses, encloses and surpasses the ‘drama’ of storm vs. calm. You seek to master duality: a bigger job that you expected?!

You seek a position, a posture, a state that only exists in moments at a time for all who over-identify with body, with physicality, with the material -with form. Or with those that resist the material….. Tricky. The place of consciousness you yearn for, a state you call “love” or “wisdom” or “grace” comes, oddly enough, only as you give it up completely as a striving for….Hmmmmnnnnn, you “know” this, I hear you thinking, but being it is such another matter -or anti-matter, as the case may be….To matter, or to anti-matter, that is the question! Best, to experience that which is simultaneously both and neither, and be at-tension therein….

For you and for those who are your spiritual Family, it is indeed a turbulent time, moving through a continuum of experiences from well-being to endangerment, times for you and other “ecstatics” (those who long for, pursue and revel in ecstatic states) to feel rocked and tossed on the stormy seas of Changes. Will you give up resistance and surrender to the Whatever That Is at this moment? And this moment? And this? Come into what you refer to as the “play” of the Moment? Give up resistance to this breath, let go of your sense of responsibility to your notions of how things should be?

Watch how a discrepancy arises between your Ideal and what you deem to be imperfect? How your striving for a “perfection” according to your ideal creates disturbance in your field? How your wish to be immune from disturbance, hurt, harm, ‘noise’ invokes that very thing? By the laws of attraction and repulsion, this is inescapable in your domain, and you will reel under the effects as long as you try to avoid them… or try to ‘control’ them!

But you”know” this, as well… Yet achieving the state of Being Unidentified with such phenomenon is quite another thing for one indwelling in a “body” vehicle…..isn’t it, little one, dear one….

The world feels heavy and pressuring, and overstimulating to your so sensitive nervous system…. a system lovingly designed and developed for such delicate and subtle sensings….. Yet the “world,” which includes your experience of World/Universe tantalizes you over and over with lures of “bliss”: sooooo tempting to want to spend all your time courting these sensations for your body, mind, heart… this sense of “transcending” it all…..

Notice, dear one, that the efforting to transcend, — the resistance to the seemingly ongoing discomfort in your field -perpetuates it….And continue to notice that your heart chakra CAN remain OPEN even when in the felt presence of others’ disturbances….This noticing that you are making for the past two weeks is a primary key to releasing from what is known as “the wheel of karma”…… In other words, be willing to keep noticing, witnessing how you close your heart in an attempt to protect your delicate “instrument” -your “earthlodge” -bodyself. Notice how this, in effect, creates :”pain” and heartache, and decreases vitality….Then breathe, and open again into Whatever Is your experience…. You will keep re-funding your energy, vitality and inspiration in this manner.

This will also enable you to ‘weather’ these times of Earth Changes and your experience of It’s creating ripples of “disturbance’ as you come apart as an earth “identity” and come back ‘together’ again and again…..Until “one day” you cease to expect yourself to be a constant, solid identity, and are content, shall We say, to be a pulsing Entity of remarkably fluid configuration…

Another matter is upon you this morning worth addressing: your frustration -may I say anger? — at the ignorance and unconsciousness you react to in friends and colleagues…Yes, you “know” it’s a projection…but please, little one, slow down enough to Witness the Ignorance that simply Is part of your earth heritage, and what’s more, that it is even at this earth time perceivable to you, for this is an Accomplishment of momentous degree. This ability to perceive that greater awareness is possible is a feat of evolution, and nothing less! But, speaking to your anger, and below, to the sense that your friends claim less for themselves than you deem “possible,” that they project onto “experts” their own divine Knowing, and your karmic issue of feeling “invisible” in your own glorious “expertise” -all is up in your face -and everyone else’s who longs for recognition, who projects power onto others, who cannot see the Glory or Beauty or Power in those close to home, but only on “celebrities” (who at best are holding a greater Knowing of These Things, and at worst, rise in a false sense of ‘security’ as others hold them, rather than the Teachings in awe…. and until the pedestal position gives way….which it must, if the edifice is built on anxious ground…)

Which brings us back, simply to this Moment: You are Safe, dear One, in the Scheme of Things, and as for your own scheming to remove yourself from the fray via self styled enlightenment — there is only the Real Thing, as it happens, yes, hour to hour, day to day, in your earthly -and cosmic’ existence….A humble, but oh so worth undertaking….

Leaving you, I think, with what you’ll do in the “play of your Moment”?

Be well. “

[Crystal Kids P.L.A.Y.Book was channeled in 1989, updated recently, and still sells. http://www.lovearts,info]



Marcia Singer, LoveArts Foundation

Seven decades of exploring the Inner Life, writing down the bones. Careers: singer-entertainer, tantric-shamanic healing artist; mindfulness/shakti educator